Bitcoin Hash Quiz

Guess the last character of the hash in the block and win Bitcoin.
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About Hash Quiz

Blockchain quiz works without a random number generator. Bitcoin hash is generated by miners in a decentralized network. None of the previously can not know what will be the last character of the hash. To win you need to guess the value of the last symbol. The game is played automatically every 3 block. The amount of winnings depends on the bet coefficient.

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About HashQuiz

How Does It Work

The result of the quiz can not be faked, because the last symbol of the block and the transactions of the winners are available in the public blockchain of bitcoin. Winnings are credited to the wallet address specified when placing a bet. Information about your bets and the results of the draw is sent to your E-mail.

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Our winners

No one knows exactly what will be the last hash symbol in the future block, but you can try different strategies to increase the probability of winning. Join the thousands of winners of the quiz HashQuiz and collect your winnings. Place your bet and let the luck be on your side!

Profit History

JackPot is played out every 777 block

The starting amount of the JackPot is 1 BTC + c 0.007 BTC each draw! The amount of the jackpot is divided among all the winners of the 777 block.


Select the symbol option that will be the last in the hash of the game block. The win rate increases when you select a specific letter or number. You can select multiple bets at once. After creating bets, the payment information will be sent to your E-mail.

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Good Deed

Participating in the quiz you can not only fairly win, but also help in the creation and development of charitable projects implemented together with HashQuiz. You can find more detailed information in the social networks regarding our project.

The team of developers and authors of the project sincerely believes that any quiz should be transparent to the participants and useful for those who need help. Thanks to blockchain technology and the emergence of cryptocurrencies, this has become possible!


Answers For Questions

  • What is HashQuiz?

    This is a blockchain quiz that works without a random number generator. Bitcoin hash is generated by miners in a decentralized network. You only need to guess which symbol will appear at the end of the hash and win Yours!

  • What is Blockchain?

    Blockchain is a continuous sequential chain of blocks containing information built according to certain rules. Most often, copies of block chains are stored on many different computers independently of each other.

  • Why HashQuiz fair Quiz?

    Working autonomously, HashQuiz not affected by human factor and not have the ability to fine-tune the result. The hash is generated by miners in the blockchain and is independent of the random number generator. No one can know in advance what the hash will be.

  • Do I need to register?

    No registration required. You need to specify E-mail for information about the results of the draw and the wallet address to receive the prize.

  • How to place a bet?

    To take part in the HashQuiz quiz, select one or more letters or numbers in the corresponding block. When you select a specific letter or number, if the selection matches the last symbol in the block, you win the bet multiplied by the coefficient specified in the block. If you select in the block "letters and numbers", wins any letter or even, odd number, depending on your choice.

  • What a bet price?

    The bet size is fixed at 0.001 BTC.

  • What amount can I win?

    The maximum payout can reach 0.01 BTC when you select two bets in the categories of "Any letter" and "Particular letter"

  • Why is every 3th block played?

    This is the optimal time for everyone to have time to make bets and transactions confirmed.

  • How is the winnings accrued?

    The prize is sent after the draw and is non-refundable in case of a wrong address.

  • How do I know I've won?

    On your e-mail will receive a letter with the results of the game.

  • How can I see the bets of other participants?

    The "Bet History" section displays all the bets of the quiz participants.

  • How to view the winnings?

    In the section "Profit History" displays the transaction for sending rewards participants.

  • How to record a video review and get rewarded?

    Download the video review of the quiz on YouTube and send a link to the mail [email protected] to get a promo code for a free game.

  • How to make money on invitations?

    Share your referral link, invite to participate in the quiz and get additional rewards from other users' bets.